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Aiming at modernizing the visitor registration procedure of corporations and organizations, Wacom launched an electronic pen-based visitor registration system. The system is coupled with the Wacom pen-interface through modern technology, integrating visitors, certificates and photos. It utilizes a series of functions including sign-in, sign-out, image match, valuables registration, management by class, record searching and report summary (it can also be connected with the Public Security Bureau at a later stage). The system provides assistance to manage the routing of visitors to their hosts, improve the work efficiency and service standard of the guards, and simplify the difficulty of later searching and controlling.

The visitor system takes full advantage of modern technology to recognize the unity of visitors and certificates. It utilizes a series of functions including sign-in, sign-out, valuables registration, management by class, record searching and report summary. By using the system, coupled with Wacom pen-interface and a combination of manual guarding and technology guarding, schools and enterprises can strengthen their visiting management and improve the work efficiency of their guards.

An introduction of visitor registration function

Weakness of handwriting registration

Fake certificates registration can lead to lots of trouble.

• Some handwriting lacks distinction and is unrecognizable.

• Handwriting seems informal.

Files are accumulated as a mass and cannot be searched.

The procedure of visitor registration is illustrated as follows

1. Registering the certificate now.

2. Certificate information has been recorded.

3. Pen-interface confirmation.

4. The guest acquires the visiting sheet.

5. The code is registered and the guest can leave.



Recommend the suitable for the case of product


STU-430 uses a 4.3-inch black and white screen and a special technology with which what the screen displays remains legible under different lighting conditions .


With a display of 10.4 cm x 7.8 cm which has a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 and a good display effect, the small-sized lightweight STU-500B has an excellent quality.


Combined with the Wacom’s technology of cordless, battery-free pressure-sensitive pen, the Wacom STU-300 LCD signature digitizer can be easily operated and provide great convenience and efficiency for you.


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