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Signing & confirming documents is an important part of the business procedure segment for banks. Consequently, banks have to expend huge amounts of labor and resources to organize and store the paper documents signed by customers so they,ll be ready for future auditing. At the moment, the most common method of storing these documents is to keep both a digital scan and a hard copy. However, It takes a considerable amount of time, human resources, storage space, and finances to do so. Nowadays, banks are concerned about how to reduce their environmental footprint, shorten business procedures and run more effective, streamlined services.

Thanks to the spread of digital signature technology, the task of signing now can be done electronically. That means a customer only need to sign on a digital device and then digital copies of the document and signature will be automatically stored. It can fully replace paper-and-ink signings and scannings, and is far more convenient for future classifying, as it can be found in searches simply by entering a key word. It contributes to the reduction of the company,s carbon footprint resource consumption and the operating time. Based on Wacom’s outstanding extraordinary cordless, battery-free pressure-sensitive technology and advanced hardware encryption technology, the method of digital signing provides customers a safe, reliable and natural signing way, and provides banks with a highly effective paper-free over-the-counter - service which has been highly appreciated.

Recommend the suitable for the case of product


The integrated digitizer has high precision and high resolution, so you can do precise operations and input tiny text.Dispensing with installing battery, the wireless passive pressure-sensitive pen has a greatly improved stability and service life.


STU-430 uses a 4.3-inch black and white screen and a special technology with which what the screen displays remains legible under different lighting conditions .


Combined with the Wacom’s technology of cordless, battery-free pressure-sensitive pen, the Wacom STU-300 LCD signature digitizer can be easily operated and provide great convenience and efficiency for you.


With a display of 10.4 cm x 7.8 cm which has a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 and a good display effect, the small-sized lightweight STU-500B has an excellent quality.


DTU-1031 is an ideal solution for companies or institutional clients, requiring a display as small as possible, and allowing the user to view and sign A4 documents with a digital signature.


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