Tourism and Hospitality

By introducing the Wacom paper-free solution plan for the reception, hotels can easily utilize the paper-freecheck-in and check-out functions. When a guest arrives in the hotel, the receptionist will show him the booked information on the Wacom liquid crystal interface. After confirmation, the guest will leave the signature using a pressure pen and then all information will be saved in the server encrypted. When the guest checks out, he will leave the signature on the interface once again and give an authorization for the payment. The bill will be sent by E-mail to the guest. The whole procedure is very convenient and paper-free.

The Wacom paper-free solution plan for the reception of hotels can also be used in luggage consignation and food catering services. It contributes to saving lots of operating time, improving service standards and preparing for auditing.

In the past, hotels had to consume massive paper resources to print information and take long time to file the documents. Thanks to the Wacom paper-free solution plan for the reception of hotels, the work efficiency of receptionists has been improved dramatically so that they now have more time to provide guests with better service. For traditional check in and check out process, it normally took at least three pieces of paper for every room. All these paper documents took a huge amount of storage space to be saved. The paper-free solution plan can save space and contributes to a better information management.

Recommend the suitable for the case of product


Combined with the Wacom’s technology of cordless, battery-free pressure-sensitive pen, the Wacom STU-300 LCD signature digitizer can be easily operated and provide great convenience and efficiency for you.


With a display of 10.4 cm x 7.8 cm which has a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 and a good display effect, the small-sized lightweight STU-500B has an excellent quality.


STU-430 uses a 4.3-inch black and white screen and a special technology with which what the screen displays remains legible under different lighting conditions .


DTU-1031 is an ideal solution for companies or institutional clients, requiring a display as small as possible, and allowing the user to view and sign A4 documents with a digital signature.


The integrated digitizer has high precision and high resolution, so you can do precise operations and input tiny text.Dispensing with installing battery, the wireless passive pressure-sensitive pen has a greatly improved stability and service life.

Cintiq Companion

A new era has begun: TProfessional creation ability encounters infinite mobile performance! You can use Wacom’s Pro Pens for input and multi-finger touch and enjoy the natural experience of making creations directly on the screen - making unlimited creation with Windows 8 on the real portable Cintiq


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