Wacom is ready for the upcoming 2012 Multimedia Video and Audio Communications Exhibition

(June 20, 2012 Beijing) The 2012 (11th) China International Multimedia Video and Audio Communications Forum & Exhibition will be held in Beijing on June 27 - 28, and the world,s leading interactive solutions provider Wacom will present its latest interactive video conferencing solutions and show the convenience and efficiency of these solutions.

Organized by the China Multimedia Communications and the Video Sky Network, this exhibition is an annual, professional, world-class event of multimedia communications industry, and the exhibits include the innovative technologies, the latest products, the application of the new services and other achievements at all levels, such as audio communications, unified communications, multimedia conference room, etc. With a theme of ",cloud, speed, innovative future", this exhibition aims to develop into a high-end, high-efficiency and high-quality platform for information exchange and resource sharing, presenting the brainstorming thoughts about the frontier issues related to the cloud computing services and applications around China and the world.

As broadband technology continually develops and equipment costs decline, video conferencing solutions have been applied more widely, and with the increasingly widespread use of video systems, people are not content to merely see the remote video image but hope to transmit more information, such as charts, data, documents or other information, which are shared for conferences. The information is mostly stored as files in a computer and need to be managed for the video conferences on various occasions, so that the participants can feel as if actually attending a real conference and the participants can communicate more between each other.

Thoroughly knowing users’ demands, Wacom has developed new technologies to meet the handwriting input demand of those users in specific industries and fields of expertise. Wacom’s interactive digital LCD combines a high-end LCD with Wacom,s most advanced input technology of cordless, battery-free pen, enabling a natural and efficient way to work,.

Wacom’s interactive video conferencing solutions committed to creating a truly interactive smart conference room. In the Wacom interactive video conferencing solutions, the image on the interactive digital screen is transmitted to the attendees’ computers, and each attendee can write annotations on the documents and then save the documents, so that the attendees can concentrate more on the remote conference. Combined with the video conferencing systems, all conference participants can write and annotate on the digital screen, and real-time two-way transmission of data can be completed through the network.

Wacom’s interactive video conferencing solutions

Writing directly on Wacom’s interactive digital LCD makes the work easy and efficient. The pressure-sensitive digital pen can provide precise cursor control for any software applications, including those with special purposes. Integrated with the Microsoft,s digital ink technology, Wacom’s interactive digital screen can be used as a feature of Microsoft,s latest Office suite, so that you can freely add handwritten notes to Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint files. In addition, the device is provided with an USB port, and the conference participants can very conveniently share the conference documents directly through a USB storage device. It is worth mentioning that, the Wacom DTU-1631 and DTU-2231 interactive digital screen are provided with built-in function keys, which can be customized to rapidly start a conference according to customers’ requirements.

Industry insiders pointed out that the current video conferencing system has gradually developed from simply video conferencing application into a more comprehensive multimedia communications system. Wacom’s interactive video conferencing solutions can provide the interactive and collaborative features for the video conferencing systems, keeping in line with the development trend and direction of today,s video conferencing systems, and play an important role in video conferencing industry.

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